Ramps, bollards and signs


Bollards serve as versatile safety and demarcation tools in various environments, including roadsides, parking lots, and pedestrian areas. Our range of bollards includes different designs and materials tailored to specific needs. From sturdy steel bollards for high-impact areas to decorative and retractable options for urban landscapes, we provide solutions that balance functionality with aesthetics. Bollards are instrumental in directing traffic flow, protecting pedestrians, and safeguarding property from vehicular damage. 


A common cause of traffic accidents is speed. Speed ramps and bumps can help to prevent individuals driving too fast through areas where it is desirable to keep speed below a certain level. They are especially helpful in car parks where there is a greater risk of traffic collisions with pedestrians, property and other vehicles. Effective control of speed aids in the protection of everyone using your site.

We supply and install speed ramps and bumps that are heightened to correspond with speed restrictions in and around your premises to ensure everyone who uses your parking area is safe. We can supply and install tarmac speed ramps and paint white shark teeth on them or install ready made black and yellow speed ramps in various sizes and heights. We have pioneering speed bump ramps with an innovative ground fixing system and a unique chevron interlocking design which offers super strength and durability. These can be used on entrance to schools or hospitals or colleges. We can also supply and install speed signs and road ramp signs.


Warning signs play a vital role in communicating essential information to drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. We offer a comprehensive range of high-visibility warning signs designed to alert road users to potential hazards, changes in road conditions, speed limits, and pedestrian crossings. Our durable, reflective signs comply with industry standards, ensuring visibility both day and night to maximize safety on the roads. 


Pedestrian and cycle symbols are essential markings that designate specific areas for pedestrians and cyclists, contributing to organized and safe traffic flow. Whether it’s painting designated lanes for cyclists or marking pedestrian crossings, our clear and durable symbols are designed to comply with regulations and improve road safety. These markings help create designated spaces, reducing conflicts between different modes of transportation and enhancing overall traffic management. 


Street installations involve the construction or refurbishment of roadways within urban or suburban areas. This encompasses laying asphalt or concrete surfaces, ensuring proper drainage systems, installing road signs, traffic signals, and lighting, and adhering to safety standards. These installations aim to create safe, efficient, and accessible thoroughfares for vehicular traffic and pedestrians. 


Currently tarmac car park installations are the most affordable option compared to concrete and paving tiles. At Creggs Driveways we offer a complete head to toe package. We prepare the car park ensuring a level base underneath to avoid weaker areas that may otherwise crack. We provide a solid car park base for traffic. We can machine lay tarmac, white line the car spaces, define specific car park spaces with symbols and different colours. We can divide car park areas with bollards and clearly sign both ground and pole mount signs. We can install pedestrian walkways with grip tiles for icy weather. We can add loading bays for deliveries. A one way system with yellow cross hatch box for traffic flow with one way arrows. We will work to your car park design.


Cycle lane installations involve creating designated lanes for cyclists along roads or within urban areas. This typically includes painting or marking lanes, providing appropriate signage and traffic signals, ensuring separation from vehicular traffic through physical barriers or designated lanes, and considering the safety and convenience of cyclists. The focus is on promoting cycling as a safe and viable means of transportation. 


We can do a complete footpath package service including traffic management with footpath diversion in place. We can lay black tarmac or red tarmac for cycle lanes. We can supply and install cycle white line reflective path symbols and white dividers for pedestrians. Also upright pole & cycle signs and bollards. A head to toe footpath package including dropped kerbs. We can also install coloured stone and grid footpaths for residential settings.